About the Activities

About the Activity Book

Welcome to the Activity Book 2 for BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management.

This Activity Book has been provided for you to complete the final activities of this course that will determine your competency.  Upon completion of this Activity Book, it must be submitted to your assessor for an assessment.  Therefore, you should take the time to provide reasonably comprehensive and considered answers to the exercises.  While we do not expect that all the pages provided will necessarily be filled, you are expected to provide more than two or three sentences for each of the tasks.  You must demonstrate a level of understanding that meets the expectations of an AQF qualification.

If you find that you require more space than has been provided, please attach extra pages to the relevant section. If you find it necessary to attach additional documentation, please label any such additional documentation clearly so that your assessor understands the meaning of the documents supplied and can easily return them to you.

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, based on the assessment of this Activity Book, you may be eligible to receive the Diploma qualification if you satisfactorily complete all units associated with the qualification. 

To be assessed as ‘competent’, you must satisfactorily complete this Activity Book and the Final Activity Book, and actively participate in all tasks. Most of the activities are designed to be completed in small groups to simulate the workplace environment. This approach will enable you to develop ideas collectively and to learn from one another. The Final Activity, on the other hand, must be completed and assessed individually.  You may use the input from the group, however the written responses must be your own work. 

Electronic copies of the Activity Book are available if you wish to type up your answers. 

Holistic Assessment Approach?

You will be assessed holistically for this qualification. This means that you are expected to contribute to class discussions, contribute examples, ask questions and otherwise demonstrate your engagement with the training material.  For group work, you are required to actively and equally participate in group discussions. It is not appropriate to simply copy the work from another member of your group.  You must again demonstrate that you have personally engaged with the material.

We also consider that sometimes participants provide significantly more detail than required in one written question and then provide a lower level of information in subsequent questions. All this information contributes to an assessment of competent.

If your facilitator has concerns about any aspect of the holistic assessment, you may be asked to work individually on assessment tasks so that we can be certain about the level of competence that you display. You may also be asked interview questions to confirm your level of competence.

What are my rights and obligations in the final activity process?

PLA Assessment Guidelines, including your rights and obligations in the process, are available from our office. Please contact 1300-000-752 to arrange for a printed or digital copy. 

What is an acceptable standard for a qualification at this level?

The Diploma qualification requires the performance of a broad range of skilled applications, including the need to evaluate and analyse current practices, develop new criteria and procedures to meet current practices, and the provision of some leadership and guidance on the application of the skills.  Applications involves the responsibility for, and limited organisation of, others.

The competencies or learning outcomes of a qualification at the Diploma level will enable an individual with this qualification to:

  • Demonstrate understanding or a broad knowledge base incorporating some theoretical concepts;
  • Apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems;
  • Identify and apply skill and knowledge areas to a wide variety of contexts, with depth in some areas;
  • Identify, analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources;
  • Take responsibility for own outputs in relation to specified quality standards; and
  • Take limited responsibility for the quantity and quality of the output of others.

Training materials provided?

You will be provided with realistic simulated training materials and scenarios for use during the training and assessment activities. The scenarios, in particular, will form the basis of many of the exercises that you will complete during the training program. Please become familiar with them in order to properly address the questions you will be asked. Your facilitator will provide you with copies of the scenarios and any additional information throughout the program as needed to enable you to complete the exercises.

The activities in this Activity Book covers the following units:


  • BSBPMG517 Manage Project Risk;
  • BSBPMG515 Manage Project Human Resources;
  • BSBPMG520 Manage Project Governance;
  • BSBPMG516 Manage Project Information and Communication;
  • BSBPMG518 Manage Project Procurement;
  • BSBPMG521 Manage Project Integration; and
  • BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness

Statement of Authenticity Declaration

Please sign the following Statement of Authenticity Declaration to declare that the work submitted in this portal is your own.  This is mandatory to completing this block of training.  

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