Compliance Stream C & D – Class Activities (C000374) Copy


About the Activity Book

Welcome to the Activity Book for the Compliance Stream.  This stream covers information about the relevant legislation, government policies and guidelines, and government delegations that are aimed at the Certificate IV and Diploma of Procurement and Contracting.  This is one of three streams that make up either qualification.

If you wish to complete the activities in a word version and have not downloaded the file you get get a copy here: ComplianceStream-Cwealth-ActivityBook-v3.0

You are able to upload a copy for review by your facilitator here: Upload your activity Book here

This Activity Book has been provided for you to use during your study program to complete the activities required for assessment.  These exercises will form an important part of the learning and assessment process, both as a tool for your learning and for demonstrating evidence for the performance criteria of the competencies.  If you find that you require more space than has been provided, please attach extra pages to the relevant section.  If you find it necessary to attach additional documentation, please label any such additional documentation clearly so that your assessor understands the meaning of the documents supplied and can easily return them to you.

Your handouts are below or available from the Materials tab above. 

Handouts required for individual activities will be provided in the Activity for you.

PDF Icon P&C-ComplianceStream-Cwealth-Slides-v4.0

PDF Icon ComplianceStream-Cwealth-StudentNotes-v3.4

PDF Icon Final Activity Preparation and Research V1.0

PDF Icon CPRs – 20 April 2019

PDF Icon Flipchart July 2020 – Update 1 July

 PDF Icon PrivacyFactSheet17-APPs

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