Upload your Procurement Stream activity book C000496

If you have completed your Activity book externally, once you have completed the Pre-Submission Checklist you are able to upload the document here:

Pre-Submission Checklist

  • All activities have been completed to a suitable standard
  • Name and address details have been provided on page 3
  • Any additional pages have been marked with name and address
  • Any documents supplied have been labelled and explained so that the assessor can interpret them
  • Statement of Authenticity has been signed and dated

Once you have completed your activity book and signed the Statement of Authenticity you are able to upload your activity book for your facilitator to mark. If your document is larger than 10 MB you will need to contact us to look at other options of getting the document to your facilitator.

You are able to upload 2 files in this process and if you upload the wrong file you will be able to remove it until it has been reviewed by your facilitator.

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