Zoom streaming sessions 24/04/2020 C000496

Your Zoom session will not be available until 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the session.  When it is ready for you to enter the Zoom session, please enter in the space provided with your full name (first name and last name) and the Password for this session as displayed below.  Your full name will identify who you are in the session and will allow our administrators to quickly give you access to the session while you are waiting to be admitted.

Meeting Password: 882091

If you experience any issues with accessing your Zoom session, then please email us at training@proleaders.com.au or call 1300-000-752, alternatively, please download the Zoom application from https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting and then email us at training@proleaders.com.au to request for the Session ID then enter the above Password when prompted.

[zoom_api_link meeting_id=”92598483142″ class=”zoom-meeting-window” id=”zoom-meeting-window” title=””]

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