Holistic Activity – Sourcing Models

You have been moved into a new role within your department to implement Strategic Sourcing for the community that you support.  There are currently duplicated procurement efforts in your service delivery model that can be better streamlined as all procurement and contracts are conducted on an individual basis with no consideration of strategic sourcing outcomes.

You have been asked to develop the blueprint within your department showing how you can move from this old style of procurement and contract management into a more strategic model.

Using either the Seven Step Strategic Sourcing Model and/or the Evolved Strategic Sourcing Model, develop a first draft of the blue print to introduce strategic sourcing into your organisation.  You should consider such aspects as:

  • Organisational outcomes
  • Management and Governance structures
  • The current and proposed role of procurement in the organisation
  • The Regulatory Environment
  • Current Policy, Process and Procedures
  • Collection of Data (internal and external)
  • Analysis of Data
  • Stakeholders (Internal and External)
  • Category Management
  • Resources
  • Skill levels
  • Risk

Note: this is not an exclusive list but a guide, feel free to introduce your own key areas of consideration.

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